UVC air purifiers improve air quality

Whether in the office, in a restaurant, at the doctor’s office, at a wedding, or at a folk festival: Air purifiers improve air quality and thus demonstrably reduce the risk of infection with corona and influenza viruses, as a study conducted by the Fraunhofer Institute at the Oktoberfest in Munich has now once again impressively demonstrated.

Invest now in the safety of your guests, your employees, your company. Who wants to go to a party/wedding/restaurant or marquee if they can expect to get infected there and not be able to go to work the next week?

And this is despite the fact that there is a technical solution that significantly reduces the risk of infection. Air purifiers of the brand UVCClean reduce the virus load in the ambient air by 99.55% and thus ensure a safe event and a good feeling for the guests. Make an appointment today, with one of our hygiene experts, and let us advise you which air purifier of the series “airtubeUVC” is the right one for your needs.

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