Virologists warn of a twindemia

Corona is not the only thing that will give us a lot of sick leave this winter. The influenza virus will also return with considerable force

Now that we’ve all been heavily insulated for the last two years, avoiding crowds, wearing masks everywhere – we also have an immune system that hasn’t come into contact with the common influenza viruses in the winter like we normally do.

This year will be different. The restaurants will stay open and will be full – without air purifiers.

The time when everyone was in the home office is over. The businesses, the offices will be full – without air purifiers.

What will happen?

Your employees, your guests, your customers are very likely to become infected with one of these pathogens on your premises. This leads to work absences and this leads to losses.

Break the vicious cycle. Don’t drive into disaster with your eyes wide open. Invest in our UVCClean brand air purifiers today.

Ensure safety in the workplace and the ability to keep your business running.

The devices of the series “airtubeUVC” clean the air of your premises with a rate of 99.55% of all common viruses and bacteria.

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