To work with Corona

According to a recent study by health insurers, one in 10 employees goes to work despite a positive Corona test.

A lot of work and a mild course, apparently cause more and more people to go to work despite a corona disease. Sometimes with fatal consequences.
On the one hand, an illness that has not been fully cured can lead to long-term consequences, as the virus can then attack the heart or other organs.
On the other hand, a sick employee will naturally infect the rest of the office if there are no air purifiers in the office.
With UVCClean air purifiers, you can stop the spread of the virus in your company. One infected employee is enough to shut down your business for weeks, causing you horrendous costs.
Invest your money now in preventive measures and let one of our hygiene experts advise you on the products from the “airtubeUVC” series, instead of having to spend ten times the amount later for the loss of employees.


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