Mandatory air purifiers instead of mandatory masks indoors

Medical officers warn of an overburdened health care system. Politicians debate the pros and cons of mandatory masks. The incidences are rising. People are getting sick. What sounds like the news of 2020 or 2021 are unfortunately like the very current topics on the agenda

End the discussion for you and your guests now. Get UVCClean brand air purifiers and save them.
Save your time for this endless mask discussion. After all, you have an air purifier.
Save the money for lost earnings for sick employees. You have an air purifier.
Save the money for “heating out the window”. You do not have to ventilate all the time. You have an air purifier.

With a purification rate of over 95%, the products in the “airtubeUVC” series replace by far any old FFP2 mask that has been worn for days and put on incorrectly. Arrange a consultation with one of our hygiene experts today and get your business ready for the long, cold winter ahead.

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