No masks indoors – but many viruses indoors

Minister President Winfried Kretschmann does not want to return to mandatory mask use indoors, despite an incidence of beyond 700 and initial clinics warning of overuse.

Viruses – whether corona or influenza – spread mainly indoors. In the cold season, we can ventilate less and more people are indoors. It’s a feast for all pathogens.
If politics won’t protect you and your customers – take it into your own hands!

UVCClean brand air purifiers rid indoor air of more than 95.55% of all common viruses and bacteria. This corresponds to the filtering performance of an FFP2 mask. So you can do without the mask and still be protected.

“airtubeUVC” – the mask for the room

Get in touch with one of our experts today and work out a hygiene concept together with us for your company/for your restaurant/for your shopping store to get through this winter without any major illness absences.

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