A UVC 360° all-round spotlight for disinfecting surfaces with UVC light – the arrangement of 3 tube systems with corresponding aluminium reflectors enables all-round irradiation of surfaces in the room.

Mounted on a tripod with pull-out rod, the height can be adjusted continuously from 90-160 cm. The safety system for switching off the 360° spotlight consists of three integrated, coupled motion detectors and a radar PIR detector – if there are people or animals within a radius of 5 m, the system switches off completely within fractions of a second.

Thus, the protection of possible persons or animals is guaranteed by two independent safety systems. The infrared remote control included in the scope of delivery can be used to activate the system from a distance of up to 8 m, to preselect the disinfection time in minutes or to deactivate the system.

All direct emitters are supplied with UV protection goggles.

Standard colour of the stand is black.

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