In the office despite infection?

Baden-Württemberg has lifted the corona isolation requirement.

This means that in future people will be able to go to work, to restaurants, to the supermarket, to the hairdresser, despite a positive Corona test.

The state government is relying here on the individual’s personal responsibility not to go out among people if they are infected.

We do not recommend relying on the individual’s own responsibility. Many infections still go unnoticed.

Prevent this problem with air purifiers.

When people congregate in enclosed spaces, each individual spreads aerosol particles in their immediate environment by breathing.

If one of the people has SARS-CoV-2 viruses unnoticed in his respiratory tract, these can then spread through the aerosols in the air and thus infect other people with the pathogen.

Due to the low air volume, the probability of infection through aerosols is significantly higher indoors than outdoors. This depends on various factors such as the number of people, the activity of the people, the volume of the room and precisely the air exchange rate.

Air purifiers of the brand UVCClean create a security of more than 95,55% for your employees not to get infected with the common respiratory diseases, because the devices of the series “airtubeUVC” deactivate all common viruses and bacteria in the air.

Make an appointment with one of our hygiene experts today and let us create a hygiene concept tailored to your company.

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