End of the isolation obligation

Four German states – including Baden-Württemberg – are calling for an end to mandatory isolation.

The isolation obligation means up to now – who has a positive Corona test, remains five days at home in order to infect nobody else. Whether he has symptoms or not.

The new regulation would provide a similar model as in Austria. Those who have a positive test should see how they feel and are then allowed to come to work anyway.

The background for the push is clear, it’s to minimize sick leave this winter.

What does this mean for you as an employer? If the isolation obligation is dropped, you no longer have to do without the one fit employee who doesn’t mind the illness unnecessarily.

However, if the employee returns to work and you do not have air purifiers in the company, this symptom-free but positively tested employee will in turn infect other employees, for whom the course of the disease could then be more serious.

If you do not want to take part in this risky game, we recommend that you contact one of our experts on the subject of “virus-free air in the workplace” today. UVCClean air purifiers can save your business from the “mini-lockdown”.

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