We enter the cold season with a weakened immune system

The Corona protection measures of the last two years, such as mandatory masks, hand washing and contact restrictions, have not been able to sufficiently “train” our immune system.

Now we enter the cold season with a somewhat weaker immune system than usual. Not only the ever-mutating Corona virus, but also the “normal” colds or classic influenza will hit us harder than usual this year.

One reason we are more likely to contract respiratory illnesses in the winter is staying indoors. Parched nasal mucous membranes, lots of people in a confined space, few opportunities to ventilate, etc. All this is a feast for any virus that has only one purpose in life – to multiply!

How do we get the viruses out of the room?

Keeping a distance, wearing a mask or staying at home altogether are certainly the most effective methods for protecting against infection. But these measures no longer reflect the reality of life in the winter of 2022.

What do the experts say?

The most common recommendation of the RKI to reduce the virus concentration in the air is:

constant ventilation

And exactly this recommendation contradicts the recommendation of the Federal Environment Agency which reads:

Save energy

Be smarter than our politics. There is a technical solution to this problem.

UVCClean brand air purifiers

Our air purifiers create an indoor climate free of viruses and bacteria. Windows can stay closed, warm air stays in, employees/customers/patients stay healthy.

Make a consultation appointment with one of our experts today and let us create a hygiene concept for your company to get through the coming winter economically.

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