The seventh wave is on its way

As predicted by leading virologists in the summer, we are now at the beginning of a new Corona wave.

What does this mean for you as an employer? Even if the risk of a serious illness is no longer so great, thanks to vaccination and immunity in many – the risk of infection is still unbroken. An infection still means LOST WORK.

We all need to save on heating costs this winter. The simple “ventilate every 10 minutes”, will no longer be possible. Get around this problem by purchasing a UVCClean air purifier.

With the air purifiers of the series “airtubeUVC” you solve two problems at once.

  1. The air purifiers reduce the virus load in your company by 99.55% and thus ensure that your employees do not infect each other with the corona or influenza virus in the company and that there is no work stoppage.
  2. You save massively on heating costs, as constant ventilation is no longer necessary. The “airtubeUVC” continuously cleans the indoor air with low power consumption.

Schedule an appointment with one of our hygiene experts today to ensure your employees are healthy through the next wave.

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