180° surface-mounted systems for the disinfection of surfaces – contactless cleaning of all types of surfaces without chemicals and without the use of personnel. The system is primarily mounted on the ceiling or, in the case of our 40 / 60 and 80 watt systems, can also be mounted with the cable suspensions included in the scope of delivery – recommended mounting height of the system 250 cm above the floor. The integrated safety system with a motion detector switches the light off within a fraction of a second if people or animals come closer than 5 m to the system.

During operation of the UVC radiator, a warning tone is emitted as an acoustic warning that a system is in operation.

For the installation application of the directUVC, please contact us – factors such as room size, installation height and also the disinfection time have a decisive influence on the disinfection effect.

All direct emitters are supplied with UV protection goggles. Standard colour silver/ grey or black.

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